The developmental trend of Information Technology renders the traditional Data Centers environment more and more complex, users are facing new challenges in demands on remote management, core tasks and improvement in efficiency. Critical businesses requires that the data center runs smoothly 24 hours without interruptions, as instantaneous faults may bring disastrous consequences.

The rapid development of high performance computing technology, as well as the explosive growth of data service forces us to upgrade our system with new technology continuously.

Green solution is our lasting theme while high efficiency and energy-saving is the most effective way to save costs and protect the environment.

At GrandBright International, we offer a complete set of cooling options by providing customized solutions for your Data Centers. All our server racks, air conditioner units, cooling distribution units etc. adopt a modular design, which are easy to install and flexible to use, so you can get an optimal IT environment control within budget and able to meet your current and future needs.

Our customized solutions are suitable for most data centers, no matter the application is large or small in size, it is new or converted, whether the piping is overhead or under the raised floor. This flexibility means that you have a more effective method to evaluate the reliability requirements and monitoring of various threats. It also means you can upgrade your system with new technology at any time.


Features at a glance

  • Customised design and fabricated to your preference
  • Material: Sheet Steel, Wood or Acrylic
  • Can house UPS, PCs, Servers, AV Equipments, Notebooks etc.
  • Sales and Design team can provide consultation and drawing